Voice Solution (IP Telephone) Services

Supporting all aspects of your business communication environment both internally and externally


We provide audio communication systems such as extension telephone systems and video conferencing systems for use within offices and between branches. Our collaboration with international KDDI offices allows us to provide global network construction.

Telephone System Implementation Service

Service Outline

We provide PABX, IP telephony, etc, according to your requirements.


  • An optimal extension telephone system can be provided according to your requirements and number of users.
  • We also support telephone wiring and integrated schedule management.

Examples Systems Provided

  • Key Telephony System implementation (for small offices)
  • PABX implementation (for medium to large offices)
  • IP telephony system implementation
  • Voice Recording system implementation
  • Dealing system implementation
  • Teleconferencing services

Video Conference Implementation Service

Service Outline

This solution achieves substantial savings in overseas business trip expenses and traveling time, hence making business more streamlined.


  • We provide an IP based video conferencing system.
  • We also support cabling and integrated schedule management.
  • As we support customers globally, we can also provide total management of the system environment for parties located overseas.

Example Systems Provided

  • Video conferencing system ("Meeting room" type which is connected to TV)
  • Web conferencing system (“Messenger” type where the camera and microphone are connected to a PC)

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