Build a Global Network

Create your secure communication environment with KDDI high-quality global network

It is essential for a global business to maintain a secure network environment without any interruption. By partnering with more than 600 telecommunications companies around the world, KDDI is able to provide you with high-quality networks, including International Private Leased Circuit, IP-VPN, and internet. Besides international networks, KDDI also provides customers with domestic networks in Europe, the US, and Asia.

Features & Merits

Secure intranet connection for offices located in several countries

Just by accessing our Global IP-VPN service, you can simply and securely connect your offices around the world. For those requiring even higher security, the MPLS service is your best choice. KDDI manages your network for you 24/7 and further assurance is available by requesting an SLA.

      Stable intranet connection with minimum latency and congestion

      Our International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) service enables the connection of your headquarters with your branches through a point-to-point dedicated network connection that allows dedicated communications 24/7. By partnering with more than 600 telecommunications companies around the world, we can provide IPLC service in more than 190 countries.

            With KDDI, you will get one-stop solutions, from router installation to system operation and maintenance

            KDDI's one-stop solution, from installation to maintenance, takes away the hassle of having to set up and maintain your own in-house router. We supply high-utility Cisco Systems routers that enable you to build a flexible network environment.

              Centralized network monitoring by our Global Network Operation Center

              KDDI has 2 Global Network Operation Centers, in Tokyo and in Ho Chi Minh City, which operate 24/7, enabling us to fully monitor customer network operations. In countries where network connections are likely to be interrupted, such as countries in the Asia Pacific region, we utilize our close relationship with local telecommunications companies, enabling us to keep improving the quality of our global network service.

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