Food & Consumer Goods

We provide broad support from quality, global management to compliance with local regulations for business expansion overseas

With Japan's aging population and the rising cost of raw materials, the domestic market for the food industry is stagnating, leading to an increase in overseas expansions.

For food companies to deliver food that resonates with local consumers, collaboration with local sales agents and partner companies who are well-versed in the local market environment, business practices and culture is essential.

To facilitate smooth communication with local companies, it is important to construct an IT environment with consideration to IT governance.

Challenges related to lot and quality management

In the food and consumer goods industry, quality management of products is crucial. When creating overseas sites, information sharing regarding lot and quality management becomes necessary, necessitating the establishment of quality management systems and global information sharing systems.

Challenges related to regulations

When expanding overseas, the food and consumer goods industry must comply with different regulations in other countries and regions, creating challenges in system construction and operation.

Challenges related to security

With overseas expansion, the need to strengthen information security measures increases due to the growing risk of cyber attacks and internal crimes, while to share information between overseas locations and headquarters, the construction of a secure global network and the introduction of cloud services are necessary.

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