Trading Companies

We provide broad support for IT system development to achieve smooth transactions in multiple countries and regions

For trading companies to expand overseas, collaboration with local companies is essential. It is important to understand the disparate IT systems and operations of local companies and build a smooth IT infrastructure.

Challenges related to security

With overseas expansion, the need to strengthen information security measures increases due to the growing risk of cyber attacks and internal crimes. Additionally, to share information between overseas sites and headquarters, the construction of a secure global network and the introduction of cloud services are necessary.

Challenges related to business process adaptability

The trading industry has unique business processes for each company due to handling a wide variety of products. With overseas expansion, company integration, or investment, it is necessary to unify and ensure the adaptability of business processes, which requires the consolidation of IT systems.

Recommended Services for Strengthening Information Security

SD-WAN services
Corporate networks that can adapt to the varied challenges of the cloud era
Information Protection
KDDI protects your information
Cisco Umbrella
An easy-to-install, high-level, cloud-based security service
KDDI Cloud Inventory
A unified cloud management service for device security
FireEye with KDDI
The highly advanced solution against cyber attacks
TOP-Rated, The World Largest Cloud Web Security Platform

Recommended Services for Business Process Efficiency

RPA (UiPath) Implementation Solution
Business Support Tool
Enhance & Streamline Processes with RPA
Smart Factory IoT Solution
Business DX
Make your factories smarter through cutting-edge technologies like IoT and AI
Google Workspace
Business Support Tool
Google Workspace is Google's productivity-increasing cloud office suite that integrates large-capacity Gmail and storage as well as tools necessary for video meetings, document creation, and spreadsheets in a single package.
ABBYY FlexiCapture
Business Support Tool
Intelligently extract digital text data from paper documents, image files, and more
ABBYY FineReader
Business Support Tool
Digitize any kind of document and achieve smooth editing, sharing, and cooperation

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