Business DX Smart Factory IoT Solution

Make your factories smarter through cutting-edge technologies like IoT and AI

Achieve higher productivity and quality by connecting machinery and equipment to your network, and collecting and visualizing measured data.


KDDI's Smart Factory IoT Solution is a wide-encompassing service that uses cloud-stored data from sensors installed on your factory production lines to enable real-time monitoring, data analysis, problem detection and error prediction.

A combination of factory IoT and advanced AI analysis, Smart Factory IoT Solution provides stable production line operation, advanced failure prediction, increased production, faster and more stable product delivery and reduced repair and maintenance costs.

Make your factories smarter through data visualization

With KDDI's Smart Factory IoT Solution, data can be automatically collected from within your factory, stored, and then used for visualization and other purposes.

Production counts, product inspection results, production process times, equipment statuses and other information that has until now been recorded manually by onsite staff can be automatically collected and displayed on a dashboard.

Smart Factory IoT Solution enables automatic collection of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) data and automatic generation of reports on production progress and quality checks, allowing you to see where bottlenecks exist and react quickly.

Manufacturing support through rich functionality

Sensor support 

Support for a wide variety of sensors, including those for vibrations, level, temperature, and flow

Strong security 

Internet communications are done with SSL, authentication is done with Basic or Digest, and access can be restricted by IP or domain

Excellent basic features 

Data visualization, alert notifications, data storage and other features needed for an IoT solution.

Rich selection of options 

Our simple analysis option and more advanced AI analysis option bring your smart factory plans to life.

The solution support the visualization with below functions

This service is a solution aimed at production line monitoring. Using sensor data stored on a cloud, this course enables real-time production line monitoring and post-creation of reports.

The service provides the below functionality

Recorded dataManage your past recorded data. Search functionality and graphing, as well as CSV file download.
Reports (forms)Can output daily and monthly reports to Excel format. Can display total/average/max and min/hourly values.
Alert lines,
Alert line events,
Message events    

E-mail alerts and external device restrictions (by sending HTTP/HTTPS commands) can be sent when sensors detect that specified threshold values have been passed.

CalculationsCalculations can be done per data item. On the cloud side, functions like “Y = aX - b” can be set up.

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