Business DX Environment IoT Monitoring Solution

Improved environmental management through visualization of factory waste such as VOCs and wastewater

Sensors collect data such as concentrations of VOCs*1, volumes of wastewater, and sound levels, which is then visualized. Improve your ability to meet environmental regulations and make your factories green.

*1Volatile Organic Compounds

Chinese regulations on environmental pollution are growing stricter by the year

In 2014, China's environmental protection law and atmospheric pollution prevention law were revised, bringing them to similar levels to those of America and Europe, and in 2018, an environmental protection tax law was put into place, levying fees on factories within China according to the amounts of pollution they produce.

Factories that don't meet environmental standards are beginning to be faced with fees or halts to operation. Japanese companies' factories are feeling the effects of this strongly, and appropriate environmental measures are necessary.

Improved environmental management through IoT collection of VOC, wastewater and other data

Manually taking regular meter readings of VOC concentration, wastewater volumes and sound levels, copying or tallying this data, and preparing monthly reports is time-consuming.
Furthermore, monthly reports do not allow for catching values mid-month before they exceed defined limits.

With KDDI's Environment IoT Monitoring Solution, data is automatically collected from sensors, transmitted wirelessly, and put into visual form. Since the data collection is nearly real-time, detailed comparisons such by month or by week are possible.

Advantages of KDDI's Environment IoT Monitoring Solution

Wireless data collection

Our IoT monitoring solution uses wireless technology, allowing data to be collected with virtually no cabling.

Standardized package

Everything from data collection to transmissions, storage and visualization are all included in a single standard package, enabling quick installation and provision for all aspects of the IoT monitoring solution.

Extensive experience with Japanese corporate customers

Our customers include food manufacturers, drink manufacturers, chemical manufacturers, machine manufacturers and more.

Support from 20 locations within China

KDDI's 20 locations within China, including Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Shanghai, Suzhou, Changshu, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen support you from installation through to operation and maintenance

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