Manufacturing Industry

We provide broad support from IT environment construction at manufacturing sites to improving business efficiency

About half of Japanese companies' overseas expansions are in manufacturing. For manufacturers, establishing production sites abroad where labor and raw materials can be easily procured is important to enhance competitiveness.

The top three issues emphasized by the manufacturing industry are business process efficiency, work style reform, and strengthening information security. This can be said to apply to promoting business overseas as well.

Since its overseas expansion in 1956, KDDI has expanded to 245 locations in 104 cities worldwide. We have been supporting local customers for over 70 years and offer optimal solutions for challenges faced by manufacturers at overseas sites.

We want to improve business process efficiency

We want to achieve work style reform for employees

We are concerned about information security

Recommended Services for Business Process Efficiency

RPA (UiPath) Implementation Solution
Business Support Tool
Enhance & Streamline Processes with RPA
Smart Factory IoT Solution
Business DX
Make your factories smarter through cutting-edge technologies like IoT and AI

Recommended Services for Realizing Work Style Reform of Employees

RPA (UiPath) Implementation Solution
Business Support Tool
Enhance & Streamline Processes with RPA
Unified Communication
Office IT Management
Speed up your business with the optimal communication tool
KDDI Chatwork(Business chat)
Office IT Management
We will no longer accept new customers for KDDI Chatwork starting from July 20, 2020.
Voice Solution (IP Telephone) Services
Supporting all aspects of your business communication environment both internally and externally
Office IT Management
Work style reform! 「Splashtop」 for telework
WAN/LAN Solutions
Office IT Management
Implementation of WAN and LAN Systems

Recommended Services for Strengthening Information Security

SD-WAN services
Corporate networks that can adapt to the varied challenges of the cloud era

Zero Trust (Needs),  Security

Information Protection
KDDI protects your information


Cisco Umbrella
An easy-to-install, high-level, cloud-based security service

Zero Trust (Needs),  Security

KDDI Cloud Inventory
A unified cloud management service for device security

Zero Trust (Needs),  Security

FireEye with KDDI
The highly advanced solution against cyber attacks

Zero Trust Solution,  Smart Factory

TOP-Rated, The World Largest Cloud Web Security Platform

Zero Trust (Needs),  Security

Recommended Cases & Trends

The Japan School Singapore
Case study
RPA solution "UiPath" applied to student admission procedures. Automation achieved without large costs.
Japan Tobacco (Hong Kong) Limited
Case study
More efficient inventory management and import/export data entry are achieved with RPA solution "UiPath". Speed and accuracy are dramatically improved, while personnel can focus on more productive tasks.

What is the best solution for your problem?
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