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We will no longer accept new customers for KDDI Chatwork starting from July 20, 2020.

Notice: End of New Customer Registrations

We will no longer accept new customers for KDDI Chatwork starting from July 20, 2020.

Got problems? We've got solutions!

I want to use my smartphone for business.

I want to free myself from e-mail.

I want an effective business continuity plan.

  • Secure, multi-device support

A business chat service that is supported on multiple devices, including smartphones. Access authentication, and other security featues ensures peace of mind.

  • Functions to enhance productivity

The chat application can facilitate more efficient and streamlined communication for enhanced and more productive workflows. Furthermore, through the video call and screen sharing functions, it is possible to communicate in realtime.

  • Supports business contingency plans

The application allows for internet based chat communication at times of disaster - in addition to email and calling.


A cloud based business chat tool for PCs and mobile devices that facilitates group chats, as well as task and file management. Video call and screen sharing functions are also available on PCs and iOS.Chatwork, a new communication tool for the era of social business, is increasingly popular with small-and-medium-sized enterprises. KDDI Chatwork offers strong security and system management functions that allow companies to conduct business with peace of mind.Please experience Chatwork on a no-obligation trial basis.

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