Office IT Management Network Monitoring/Maintenance/Operation System

Operation & Maintenance of Global Network

We are maintaining and operating KDDI's global network on a 24/7 basis. HCM GNOC, located in the heart of South East Asia, has close relationships with other telecommunications carriers. We provide a high quality global network service through the employment of experienced and highly skilled local IT engineers.


ITEM 1: IT Helpdesk

We offer customized IT help desk or operation center solutions based on the customer requirements.
In addition, for customers who need a one-stop service including technical support, we can rapidly dispatch engineers for onsite troubleshooting.

ITEM 2: Monitoring of Customer's Internet Connectivity

We can monitor and maintain the customer internet circuits on a 24/7 basis in addition to KDDI's network.
This service is suitable for customers who wish to have highly reliable internet services.

ITEM 3: LAN Monitoring

We provide monitoring and maintenance services for customer networks, servers, PCs etc. on a 24/7 basis.
Our services are very flexible and are designed to meet specific customer requirements. We also can provide IT consulting services.

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