A futuristic real-time translation device incorporating AI functionality

POCKETALK’s provides on-the-spot translation for people speaking different languages.



Converse with people around the world

POCKETALK provides audio and text translation for 55 languages, and text-only translation for 19 languages, for a total of 74 supported languages, from English to Chinese to Swahili.

Instant translation using the power of cloud and AI

Using the latest and most optimal engine and AI (artificial intelligence) available online, instant translations are provides for both long, formal writing like news articles, and casual conversational speech. AI-learning means the quality of the translations improves over time.

Mobile communications without contracts or data fees

POCKETALK units contain global eSIMs that allow usage in 133 countries and regions for 2 years without need for contracts or data transmission fees -- a revolution in IoT products. They can be used anywhere in the world where there is Wi-Fi, or anywhere supported by the eSIM when there is no Wi-Fi.

eSIMs are like the SIM cards that store information necessary for mobile communications, but made into a chip form. You can also use a SIM card instead by inserting it into a slot on the side of the POCKETALK unit.

Use cases

Customer guidance

Language switchover is easy, and the high-capability microphone and speaker enable comfortable use even in crowds.

Business/Employee communication

Register frequently used phrases as favorites. POCKETALK is also useful for recording business exchanges.

Overseas business trips

Usable in 133 countries and territories without needing to change any settings because of compatibility with local telecommunications protocols. Supports translation of 55 languages for audio and text, and an additional 19 for text-only.

Language Learning

Find out immediately how to say what you want to in another language, and test whether your pronunciation is understood by POCKETALK.

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