IoT Computer Vision & AI analytics

AI powered vision analytics for all industries

Computer Vision by KDDI helps your organisation communicates and executes faster to mitigate operational variance and safety (zero code required).

How it works

Computer vision is now being used to analyse in many aspects of our life and business. It searches visual media for objects, persons, events, emotions, and actions. It enables business to detect from scratches to damage, abnormal action and objects. It is easy to deploy. Here are some use cases.


Customer visual inspections systems for manufacturing including parts inspection, finished goods verification, identification of imperfections…


Real time detection, monitoring, and alerts for PPE compliance and other worker behaviour in various environments, monitoring facilities, vehicles, personnel… and detecting and responding to accidents in real time


Detect potential threats in real time by monitoring building, campus, city… using existing video infrastructure and enhancing ability to run post event forensics and identify object, person or event in seconds…


Leveraging existing cameras, KDDI Computer vision helps understand consumer behaviour, develop foot traffic heat maps, provide alerts for suspicious activities, engage interested customers in real time…

What is the best solution for your problem?
Please consult a KDDI consultant.