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Case 1: HIBUN AE Information Cypher

The data encryption function prevents information leakage to third parties, even in the event that your notebook PC or media is lost or stolen.

Drive Encryption: Company PCs and notebook PCs are encrypted. Users, without having to be conscious of encryption/decryption,
just need to log-in to Windows to read the encrypted data.

image:Drive Encryption

File Encryption: Files are encrypted by setting passwords. A password is required to decrypt and read the data. HIBUN software is not required on the decrypting side computers.

image:File Encryption

Media Encryption: HIBUN automatically encrypts data that is saved in the formatted media.
Users can easily access and use data within the organization as transferred/sent data is automatically encrypted and decrypted, however, data cannot be accessed or used outside the organization.

image:Media Encryption

Case 2: HIBUN AE Information Fortress

As a means to prevent information leakage and the unauthorized removal of information, the administrator can configure data access rights and takeout privileges for users on an individual basis.

image:HIBUN AE Information Fortress

Flexible policy settings: Security policy settings can be configured for each individual user or group.

Control function for taking out data: This function controls for taking out of data to external media, external hard disk, CD/DVDs, printing, network drive and emails (optional product).

Temporary permission for taking out data: lf necessary, it is possible to temporarily lift the prohibition of the removal of data.

  • *Temporary permission is also possible through the lending of authentication devices (such as a USB key).

Obtaining the data take out log: The data removal log provides information on unauthorized data removal.

Case 3: HIBUN AE Server

Hibun AE contributes to strong corporate security through the provision of sophisticated user, file, and log management to prevent information leakage.

image:HIBUN AE Server

User management function: User security policies can be set in user or group units.

Encryption of shared files: Data in the file server is encrypted and access control can be set in folder unit.

Access log: An access log is recorded and saved automatically on the HIBUN AE Log Server.


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