Press Release Mar 03, 2023 Connecting MUJI stores in Japan and Vietnam by a XR demonstration with "au XR door" application ~ Experience a virtual showroom using 5G in-building solution ~

KDDI Vietnam

KDDI Vietnam Corporation – a KDDI’s overseas subsidiary; Southern Star Telecommunication Equipment Joint Stock Company– a JTOWER's overseas subsidiary (Note 2), which operates the IBS business (Note 1) in Vietnam, hereinafter referred to as SPN) and MUJI Retail (VIETNAM) Limited Liability Company (Headquarters: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, President: Tetsuya Nagaiwa, hereinafter referred to as MUJI VIETNAM) will conduct a demonstration with the application named “au XR door”, utilizing 5G to connect and show a virtual MUJI store located in Japan (hereinafter referred to as “the demonstration”) at the MUJI PARKSON LE THANH TON store located in Ho Chi Minh city, from March 3, 2023 to March 12, 2023.

In the demonstration of “au XR door” application, under the 5G environment of in-building solution, while staying at a store in Ho Chi Minh City, customer will be able to virtually experience the store of MUJI GINZA and the model room of MUJI HOUSE in Japan.

In Vietnam, we aim to improve customer experience with XR technology by contributing to the spread of 5G technology with stable communication quality and demonstrating "au XR Door" in MUJI stores.

■ About the demonstration


The demonstration is conducted as a part of the 2022 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Japan’s project named "Contract for demonstration test of in-building systems in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam". We will build a 5G communication-sharing-environment and conduct a demonstration to provide "au XR Door" application at MUJI PARKSON LE THANH TON, a MUJI store in Parkson Plaza. We will verify the convenience and stability of downloading large data amount in an indoor 5G environment.

2.Verification contents

  • Construction of 5G environment through communication-sharing-systems.
  • Verification of convenience and stability of XR services using 5G network equipment.


From 3rd March 2023 to 12th March 2023.


1st floor, Parkson Saigon Tourist Plaza (Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam)

Overview about ”au XR Door”

  • Open the AR door that appears through the smartphone camera, enter and experience the virtual MUJI store.
  • By tapping on the icon displayed on the screen, you can check the product information, and you can order the products that can be purchased in Vietnam online.
  • In the virtual store, you can also experience a living space (MUJI HOUSE) where MUJI furniture and home appliances are installed.

Roles of each Company

  • JTOWER: Project management, planning of verification details and verification methods, extraction of technical and business issues, compilation of verification test results.
  • SPN: Environment construction for 5G in-house system, coordination with local stakeholders, implementation of radio wave measurement.
  • MUJI RETAIL (VIETNAM) LLC: Provision of a demonstration site.
  • KDDI Vietnam: Construction and provision of services using applications utilizing 5G.
*(Note 1) IBS (In-Building Solution): In-building mobile communication infrastructure sharing
*(Note 2) May 14, 2021 Corporate Topics "JTOWER and KDDI Conclude a Memorandum of Understanding on Business Cooperation" (

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