KDDI TeleOffice (Video Conference System)

Online conferencing service for smart devices

Improve office communication !

Got problems? We've got solutions!

I want to be able to have web conferences anytime.

I want to use web conference functions when overseas.

I want to streamline operations through the adoption of smart devices.

Meetings when needed

It is possible schedule meetings anytime, anywhere without the need to arrange a room.

Online meetings without expensive teleconferencing

The superior operability and functionality of devices with built-in camera, speaker and microphone, providing quick startup. Can link with projector, too.


No limit on room size for web meetings and number of simultaneous meetings.All functions are available to every user.

Promotion of streamlining by smart device

In-office specialists support sales people visiting customers through video and documentation. Sales people can report from outside.


The next generation in global video-conferencing - participate in international meetings, share materials, view a whiteboard and make notes as if you were in an actual meeting.

  • Multi-device support : PCs, tablets and smartphones
  • No capacity restriction for virtual rooms
  • No restriction on the number of conferences held simultaneously

Benefits of introducing "KDDI TeleOffice"

  • Greater experience in global video conferencing
  • Efficiency of information sharing and communication
  • A more secure environment for uploading and sharing confidential information
  • Reduction in meeting setup cost


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The are two modes available - formal and informal. It is possible to easily switch between the two modes, with no need for a manual, to ensure that the functionality is appropriate for your meeting,.

  • Formal mode: useful for formal meetings that require a showing of hands and agreeing on meeting notes etc.
  • Informal mode: useful for casual meetings in small groups where particpiants can write notes without need for show of hands etc.

Smart and smooth synchronous document display

  • Smart: memo-taking, document marking as well as zoom functions are displayed synchronously on all devices.
  • Smooth: make memos on devices in a user-friendly manner.

Device authentication for high security

Realize high security by using dedicated user IDs/passwords as well as device authentication which only allows access from pre-registered devices. Store meeting documents on servers so data is not kept on individual devices, further reducing the risk of information leakage.

Operation Environment


Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (recommended)
Windows 8 Desktop [1]
CPU Dual Core minimum 2GHz, Core i5 2.3GHz (recommended)Memory minimum 2GB, 4GB (recommended)
Image size
Dual Core2GHz and more (minimum), Core i5 2.3GHz (recommended)
Web browser
2GB and more (minimum), 4GB (recommended)
WXGA (1280×720) or higher resolution

  • *[1] Professional edition (or higher) of each OS

Smart Device

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 and higher, Apple Safari
TeleOffice exclusive software (install is available without administrative right). Net 3.5, Silverlight 4.1

iOS 5.1, iOS 6.0 and higher (iPad and iPhone [2])

Android 3.0 and higher (Android tablet [3])
Android 2.3 and higher (Android smartphone)
TeleOffice exclusive software (download from each OS marketplace)

Network Environment

Connection by internet

Internet access is required for TeleOffice to work.

  • *We can propose connectivity solutions if desired.

Network bandwidth

Upload 300k-1Mbps and Download 500k-2Mbps per terminal

  • *Time to upload / download documents and video resolution may vary based on available bandwidth

Port opening

We recommend opening the following ports.

  • *Please set the UDP timeout on the network interface to be as long as possible

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