Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect Now
Available at Telehouse London Docklands

KDDI Corporation February 05, 2018

KDDI announces the availability of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect [Jump to the applicable section1] at Telehouse London Docklands providing Telehouse customers with private and dedicated access to Amazon Web Services.

Telehouse London Docklands customers can now connect directly to the full suite of Amazon Web Services [Jump to the applicable section2] in a secure cloud environment with high accessibility and low latency.
London Docklands is the second AWS Direct Connect location in Telehouse since its first availability at Telehouse Paris Voltaire in August 2016.

With connecting ports into the London Internet Exchange (LINX), the UK's biggest internet exchange, and connectivity to over 400 carriers, Telehouse London Docklands is one of the world's leading network traffic hubs.
Telehouse London Docklands has further strengthened its connectivity with this new AWS Direct Connect deployment.

The KDDI Group has a proven track record extending about 30 years in provision of data center services under the Telehouse brand. There are currently 47 data centers in 12 countries and 23 cities across the globe delivering high-quality, detailed services that leverage KDDI's expertise and knowledge to customers.
KDDI will continue to support the expansion of customers' global business operations by providing premium data center facilities with high connectivity.

[1]AWS Direct Connect: Provides secure low-latency access to AWS, a cloud computing service provided by Amazon Web Services, Inc., by dedicated network connection without using the internet. This makes it possible to easily integrate cloud services into the customer's existing infrastructure and create a hybrid cloud environment. AWS Direct Connect can be accessed via a dedicated 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps connection or through an AWS partner.

[2]Full suite of Amazon Web Services: Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Elastic Cloud Compute (Amazon EC2), Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)

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