Seminar Report: “Promoting Workstyle Reform through RPA” (KDDI Singapore)

KDDI CORPORATION September 17, 2018

On September 14 2018, at Justco in Marina One, KDDI Singapore held a seminar titled “Promoting Workstyle Reform through RPA”. With 50 audience members, the seminar consisted of three parts. We sensed a high level of interest in the audience; during the networking session, many actively asked questions geared toward adoption of RPA and shared their opinions.

In the opening remarks, Yasuhiko Miyahara, KDDI Singapore Managing Director, explained why KDDI Singapore has come to start offering RPA solutions in Southeast Asia, and how RPA and other state-of-the-art services can contribute to customers’ businesses.

(Yasuhiko Miyahara, KDDI Singapore Managing Director)

For the first part of the seminar, Koichi Hasegawa, UiPath Japan CEO, gave a presentation titled “Recent Development with UiPath”.

In the speech, Mr. Hasegawa covered RPA case studies by industry, starting with examples from Japan, a RPA pioneer market, and described the strengths and values of UiPath, which has become the world’s leading RPA tool. Explaining the future that RPA will enable, he gave a 40-minute, passionate description of his grand vision of what that world will be.

(Koichi Hasegawa, UiPath Japan CEO)

In the second part of the seminar, Takuya Abe, UiPath Japan Technical Account Director, gave a presentation titled “UiPath’s Latest Features and a Demo”.

In the presentation, Mr. Abe gave a sneak peek into new features planned for UiPath’s next update, and demonstrated the construction of a UiPath robot, deepening the understanding both of those who didn’t have a grasp of RPA yet, and those who were already familiar with it.

(Takuya Abe, UiPath Japan Technical Account Director)

In the third part, Shu Takimura, KDDI Singapore Manager, gave a presentation titled “Installation Trends and Tips in Southeast Asia”.

In the presentation, Mr. Takimura explained the trends in Southeast Asia in RPA introduction and customer concerns he noticed in the proposals made so far, and provided solutions for these issues using case studies.

(Shu Takimura, KDDI Singapore Manager)

Comments that we heard at the networking session after the presentation included, “Through this seminar, I acquired a clear idea of how we can use RPA. I want to try it in our accounting department”, “Now that I see RPA can be used in the research fields, I want to use it for data organizing,” “I want to switch over from manual management of our rental equipment to RPA” and “I would like you to provide technical training for RPA.”

In addition to further seminars like this one, KDDI plans to continue providing information that is useful to our customers. Stay tuned to our future activities.

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