Dynamic Web Acceleration

Cache functions and protocol optimization improves performance of international content delivery

Service overview

Dynamic Web Acceleration (DWA) is a service that dramatically improves the performance of websites and web applications distributed across the globe.

This service improves the delivery of dynamic content (unique pages based on particular requests by the end-user, or content that needs to be processed on your own web servers, such as product searches or user registration) for websites and web applications, and it enhances content upload performance.

With cache functions and optimized communications protocols, DWA improves the performance of dynamic content and two-way communication between the origin and the end-user. This service is ideal for improving the performance of international websites and web applications that require speed, such as those that make use of two-way communication and dynamic content.


Optimized The Internet communication

The optimization of TCP and HTTP/HTTPS greatly improves web performance by minimizing packet loss and retransmission delays, and by boosting the speed of The Internet, which is a bottleneck of communication speed.

Optimized round-trip time (RTT)

Communication is performed via edge servers located closer to the end-user, reducing the frequency of access to your web servers.
This improves web performance by reducing the number of times that international communication is performed.

Advanced cache functions

Most cacheable content is processed using the Content Acceleration service's advanced cache functions. The use of cacheable content greatly reduces the frequency of access to your web servers, thereby improving web performance.

Cost-effectiveness for your web platform

Customers do not need to prepare their own dedicated web servers at overseas. In addition, because edge servers deliver static content, you can streamline the cost of maintaining your web platform.

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